Polyurea Coatings

Polyurea’s major benefit is that it sets fast. It can typically return an area to service many times quicker than other coatings.

What’s polyurea

Polyurea is a spray applied protective coating that can be used as a waterproof membrane, protective coating, thermal barrier, rust preventer, structural enhancer, an acoustic obstacle, and a chemical resistant coating. Polyurea is smooth, it contains no solvents or VOCs, and it is low odour. Added features including surface textures and slip resistant additives also can be incorporated, UV stable colours can be reached, as well as NSF potable water approved systems may also be potential with polyurea.

Why use polyurea

This coating has exceptional durability in comparison with urethane and epoxy coatings, but with extra flexibility for natural movement within materials. Polyurea is resistant to moisture, ambient temperatures and weather changes, making it ideal for coatings on large surface area endeavors, and has a fast cure time. Polyurea’s important advantage is its set nature that is quick, it’s dry in under 30 seconds and fully cured in around 1 hour.

Additionally, Polyurea may be used over various distinct substrates (concrete, metals, wood and more) in an extensive variety of temperature and humidity surroundings.

Industrial use polyureas are spray used, therefore it is not slow to implement and is thus correctly proportioned and blended. When it involves attainable physical properties virtually no coating can compare to polyurea. Polyureas are available for a great range of results — from high elongation to soft or tough to exceptional tensile strength, based on the way in which the substance applied.

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