Education Epoxy Flooring

Over time, school flooring can become uneven, degraded, incur chips, scaling as well as other problems. Floorings that are damaged pose a risk for teachers students and visitors. Safety is always a concern and helping prevent slips, trips, and falls is of extreme importance. Additionally, small areas of flooring damage can grow quickly when subjected to daily-wear-and-tear, spilled liquids and corrosive cleaning goods.

School flooring made safer and simpler to clean thanks to the wide-ranging variety of floor coating product. Even substrates attesting significant deterioration can be economically refurbished to an environment-enhancing atheistic. Budget-friendly and exceptionally long-lasting, epoxy flooring coverings can update the look, cleanliness and overall security of your facility.

Pupils may not notice the simple-to-clean skid resistance that’s constructed into their class-room flooring, nor the that the toilet facility’s anti-microbial floor resin but facility manager will.

Perfect for places such as:

  • Education facilities & school Classrooms
  • Sporting Facilities
  • Wet & Dry Common Places
  • Ramps, Hallways & Paths

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