Epoxy Coatings and Polyurethane Coatings

Polyurethane and adhesive based flooring coatings provide a big variety of choices in terms of levelling marks, surface coatings and floors. Polyurethane and epoxy flooring coatings also provide the benefit of being chemically resistant to additional penetrative fluids and also oils whilst also being incredibly strong.

Retail and Commercial Flooring

Sharp and a clear looking floor are the features which adhesive resin offer as normal. A lot of retail leaders are switching as their smooth towards the adhesive and polyurethane floors products and sleek appearing coatings present an unique and contemporary sense to their retail areas. Whether it’s quartz or a simple color established flooring covering feel and the constant look of a polyurethane or adhesive area is 2nd to none providing a low- end that is diverting.

Industrial and Warehouse

Warehouse and commercial flooring areas therefore need equally a tough durable surface as well as a sizable and artistic characteristics that are sharp and observe huge amounts of equally mild foot traffic right through to heavy car use.

Food & Drinks Epoxy Flooring

Where cleanliness is an integral variable in the manufacturing line and meals regions of a company polyurethane and adhesive films are the first selection to satisfy the severe safety and health instructions.

Education Sector Applications

Adhesive and polymer based floorings in many cases are employed for classes, labs, hallways as an endurable and smooth area is offered by these substances having the ability to consider large amounts of traffic.

Automotive Applications

We provide a wide selection of flooring types to suit your use that is auto whether it’s automobile support center or an automobile show room, domestic storage. Durable and resilient demands are met by several polyurethane or adhesive films.

Aviation Industry

For putting up with, tough and gas immune conditions commonly within the aircraft business we provide an assortment of polyurethane and epoxy resins based flooring coatings suitable for places that are both small and big.

Prison Sector Flooring

Where zero-vandal/Anti Graffiti and cleaning flooring areas that are simple are needed we provide an assortment of goods to match.