Polyurea Secondary Containment

Polyurea Bund Liner and Secondary Containment

There is a wide range of polyurethane products and pure polyurea spraying on all containment regions and secondary containment bunds.

These products after used dry to form a seamless and leak proof membrane that carry almost any liquid spills. In addition, it has great flexibility caricaturistics that prevent cracking under earth shift and extreme climate conditions.

Development backup regions generally include hazardous materials including wastewater, crude oil, fuels, chemicals and other corrosive liquids. Corrosive substances and reactants don’t damage the surface Poly coatings polymers. Obligation and care costs can be significantly reduced.

As well as rust and corrosion, poly coatings will not be damaged by continuous exposure to direct sun.

Unlike linings, sprayed-on coatings take up less space and are thinner. They form a seamless membrane that just fits the contour, even where outside constructions or posts, pumps and other internal attach.

Paint & rubber Lining Issues

Paint, rubber liner and other surface protection don’t tend not to survive as long as polymers like polyurethane and polyurea. They degrade and can also discharge substances causing pollution, and they would not have exactly the same abrasion and corrosion resistance as polyurea or polyurethane. Paint and rubber feature weaknesses that chemically-competitive fluids attack.