Prison Sector Epoxy Resin Flooring

Prison Sector Floor Coatings & Screeds

Where anti-vandal/anti-graffiti and easy cleaning flooring surfaces are needed a wide selection of epoxy floor products are suitable.

Places that experience high amounts of foot traffic demand exceptionally durable surfaces capable to resist the day-to-day impact of human motions. Given the problems with unsanitary scenarios including bodily fluids and solids and the nature of custodial procedures we suggest flooring surfaces which allow for care and simple cleaning when the demand arises. In situations where an anti-graffiti protective coatings are mandatory but also a hard-wearing, long-lasing finish is required epoxy coatings are recommended.

The extensive variety of epoxy colours available for patterns and the primary floor surfaces means any markings can be installed. All flooring surface choices have high colour stability. Designs and all markings requested by architects are laid out as required.

Advantages of Polyurethane and Epoxy Coatings for a Penitentiary

  • Exceptional Surface Finish
  • Colour & cosmetic Coded
  • Cosmetic Quartz Additive
  • Simple Cleaning
  • Low Care
  • Colour Equilibrium and Selection