Retail & Commercial Epoxy Resin Flooring

Retail and Commercial Floor Coatings & Screeds

Having a clean aesthetically pleasing flooring system within the commercial and retail marketplace, although being a subtle element, is not unimportant with regard to making a good impression.

A significant number of retail giants are turning towards the epoxy and polyurethane flooring products as their seamless and polished finishes present a new and modern feel to their retail spaces. Whether it’s a simple colour or quartz established concrete floor finishes the consistent feel and look of an epoxy or polyurethane floor surface is second to none. With high amounts of predominantly foot traffic epoxy flooring coatings offer a powerful, lasting and non-slip surface where essential. Formulated to cope with high amounts of foot traffic epoxy resins and polyurethane floor coatings are made with easy maintenance and cleaning in mind.

Epoxy resin based and polyurethane flooring coatings come in a range of colour to suit the desired appearance of your retail store. Because of the high durability of these resin based flooring systems it is possible to rest assured coloured floors won’t fade with time. Although many floor installations are primarily colour based some commercial and retail floors come with a quartz finish that is appealing to various kind of retail spaces.

The fast application time of polyurethane and concrete epoxy systems allows for minimal downtime when either installing for a new-build or installing for a refurbishment. This allow for others carrying out other shop fitting procedures to proceed immediately once the flooring system has been installed.

Benefits of Polyurethane and Epoxy Coatings For Commercial uses

  • Simple Cleaning
  • Low Upkeep
  • Slip Resistant (with aggregates)
  • Colour Stability and Selection
  • Seamless Floor crack Repairs
  • Rapid Turn Around
  • No Shrinkage
  • Low Odour
  • Heavy Duty